We are a San Diego, California-based game publisher and LGBT-owned brand. Our designs highlight story-telling and whimsy along with the exploration of art styles and theme. 

At Atomic Automaton, we believe in creating worlds and diverse characters you'll care about. Our games are built from the ground up through the lore that surrounds every artifact, creature, character, and mechanic you'll encounter.

Our worlds and the stories you'll experience are interconnected. Events that surround one game will connect to the next and can affect the outcome. Characters exist outside of a single game, and that random shop visitor from one game, may just appear in another.

Our games are built with love, but not with the blind love you have for your dog even after it eats your promo plastic minis. We believe everyone has insight that is valuable and meaningful to the game development process.

We're excited you're here. Let's build something special -- let's build worlds together.

-Jonathan Flike