Crowdfunding FAQs

Some of our products require crowdfunding to raise capital. The crowdfunding process can be confusing as it is not a traditional method of buying something at retail. Below you'll find all things crowdfunding to help answer any questions you may have.


  • Crowdfunding: A method of securing funds to use as capital for a project or commercial product by reaching everyday supporters instead of angel investors or banks.
  • Funding Goal: The amount of money needed to successfully fund a project to bring it to market.
  • Backers: Individuals who financially support a crowdfunding event.
  • Campaign: The campaign is a crowdfunding marketing event that runs for X amount of days where we attempt to reach a funding goal to fund a game or other project. The campaign features videos, images, and text to show potential backers the project/product concept. 
  • Pledge Manager: A web platform outside of the crowdfunding site that is used to collect shipping addresses, shipping fees, and additional sales before fulfillment. This stage is required for backers to participate in to receive their rewards from a campaign.


  • [Campaign]: Why aren't the GIFS working on the campaign page?
    • This is a problem we’ve noticed with various browsers. It has to do with the way GIFS are processed via the campaign page, but it should’ve been patched. Anyway, try switching to another browser. GIFS can also be large, so give them some time to load.
  • [Campaign]: What are the funds raised used for?
    • We've already done the initial investment needed to get the project/product to the crowdfunding stage. All raised funds go to the production and fulfillment of the project/product.
  • [Campaign]: What are stretch goals?
    • Stretch goals are funding goals beyond the initial funding goal. These will typically increase the quality of the product, add additional content, or increase the value in some way.
  • [Campaign]: What all this information regarding taxes, shipping, and VAT?
    • Crowdfunding has changed as well as the laws around taxes. Most regions require us to collect and remit taxes. We’re going to do that, so plan for those fees accordingly when you pledge. On the campaign page there is more detail on what you should expect regarding those fees.
      In regards to shipping, the shipping costs in a campaign are the cost to ship the project/product to you if applicable. These costs will mirror the fulfillment costs when the project/product is available in the Atomic Automaton Store.
  • [Campaign]: What is the best way to contact you during a campaign?
    • There is a public comment section you can comment on, but if you want something outside of that, we do respond to messages through the crowdfunding site, our contact forms through our websites, or our Discord server.
  • [Campaign/Post-campaign]: How much communication should I expect from you during and after the campaign?
    • Keeping open communication is an important part of our creator/backer relationship. During the campaign, we respond to a minimum of 2 questions/posts a day pending any illness or unforeseen circumstances. If there is a question we see popping up frequently, we'll add it to the FAQs, so keep an eye out for that.
      For campaigns updates, we post as necessary during the campaign.
    • Post campaign, We send out a scheduled monthly update, which will let you know about what’s going on whether that’s bad, good, or nothing at all. We know this is a touchy subject. Some backers want minimal emails/updates as they back a lot of campaigns and some want step-by-step in-the-weeds updates. This is a happy medium. If there are questions about shipping issues that arise (they always do) when we are in the shipment phase, please reach out to so we can sort that out as quickly as possible.
  • [Post-campaign]: What is a pledge manager, and how do I use it?
    • The people at Kick Agency have a great article explaining them here. Gamefound has some great information here as well to check out here.
      Basically, the pledge manager allows us to coordinate shipping, confirm your address, collect VAT/sales tax, and it also allows people to upgrade their pledge, purchase additional goodies, and pay whatever balance is due on their account. After the campaign, whatever your pledge tiers, you’ll receive an invite to the pledge manager to complete your order. It is IMPERATIVE to keep an eye out for campaign updates and emails to fill in your order form “survey” to get your game. Triple-check your address, make sure your payment details are up to date, and follow the campaign to ensure I have the right information to get the game in your hands. This is where we all have to work together.
  • [Post-campaign]: I never received my pledge manager invite, what happened?
    • If you never received your pledge manager email invite, it could be for a number of reasons.
      1. The email went to spam: Check your email's spam folder.
      2. You're using a different email for your pledge manager and crowdfunding account: These need to match in order to upload your information from the crowdfunding site to the pledge manager.
      3. You used encrypted profiles: Using Apple ID for example will keep you from getting your invite. Use an email that does not use these features.
      4. Your email has changed or is incorrect: Please check your emails before participating in a crowdfunding campaign.
  • [Post-campaign]: Where does the money go if I never do my pledge manager?
    • Firstly, do the pledge manager. we want you to enjoy the things we make. That’s important to us. Once the pledge manager has been closed, we cannot offer a refund, but you can reach out to claim your reward and pay any outstanding balances by contacting us. I’ll send out a warning update before the pledge manager closes. If you don’t reach out within the 30 days of the pledge manager closing, your pledge will be considered abandoned and will become a donation. You’ll waive your rewards for the campaign.
  • [Post-campaign]: Life happened, and I need a refund. What do I do?
    • We understand, and our refund policy is different than our store's during a campaign. Reach out before the pledge manager is opened, and we’ll refund 90% on everything you purchased through the crowdfunding site. Crowdfunding fees, our payment processor, and other fees associated with crowdfunding are around 10%, we won’t be able to refund that. If you need a refund after your order is placed in the pledge manager and locked, we will only be able to refund 80% for the same reasons. Please keep that in mind when supporting a campaign.
  • [Post-campaign Shipping]: I think my package was lost, what do I do?
    • For US shipping, please reach out to us 2-3 weeks after the shipment date. For international shipping, please reach out to us 4-6 weeks after the shipment date, so we can reach out to the carrier to determine if it was lost or in transit. These things have a way of arriving a week after the panic button is hit, so give it time to arrive. If you still don’t see it, reach out to us before the 8-week mark, so we can set up a reshipment.
  • [Post-campaign Shipping]: I think my package was shipped to the wrong address, what do I do?
    • Be mindful when entering in your shipping information. This is the only way we can ensure the game gets to you. If you enter in the wrong address in the pledge manager, don’t update your address after moving, or the carrier determines the package is undeliverable, you’ll have to pay postage for a re-shipment. On our end, we’ll be responsive to address issues to mitigate this as much as possible.