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Weavlings in the Wilds Print 'n' Play*

Weavlings in the Wilds Print 'n' Play*

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Weavlings in the Wilds is a puzzly grid-based solo game where you take on the role of Fate Weaver Zadarra's trusty Weavling Trapper to coerce her precious Fate Weavlings out of the Tender Wilds and back home with the promise of delicious meats.

Weavlings in the Wilds, you'll traverse the Tender Wilds, collect traps and boons from the local Wilds Spirits, and use your wits to capture vicious Beasties for their delicious meats. Use these meaty treats to collect Weavlings before they get gobbled up themselves by the perils that lurk in the dark. Can you become a master trapper and return home in one adorable piece?

*A Print 'n' Play is a digital download of the game files to print and play from home.


  • Contains 91 cards and 1 rulebook
  • Includes two expansions
    • Zadarra's Baubles and Brews
    • Star-touched Predators

  • Multi-functioning cards-From one function comes many. Beastie cards function not only as Beasties, but Wounds and Meat. Weavlings function not only as Weavlings, but lured and lost population. 

  • Milling - Either by your hand or through events, the deck will exhaust, raising the stakes as wounds grow deeper and lured Weavlings become restless. 
  • Multiple difficulties - Looking for a challenge that pushes your skills to the limit? Had one of those rough days where you're driving in dead silence contemplating if that Everdell "All-In" Pledge was worth Top Ramen for a week? We got you. Weavlings in the Wilds offers multiple difficulties to give you the challenge you can emotionally tolerate. 

  • A Balance of luck and strategy - A randomized game state injects just the right amount of luck to keep your tactical and strategic decisions interesting and you on your toes. 
  • Built for replayability- Life is too expensive for a one-and-done gaming experience. With 2 stretch goal expansions, munch-able lunch-break gameplay, and room for future growth, we hope Weavlings in the Wilds will be your go-to solitaire experience when the kids are in bed, you're at the laundromat, or you're fifth-wheeling it, waiting for a Lost Ruins of Arnak game to finish. 


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